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Which Microsoft Office 365 SKU’s do we need for Velocity?

Velocity works on SharePoint Online infrastructure which included in Microsoft Office 365 E1, E3 and E5 in addition to Microsoft 365 Business and Enterprise or Business Essentials and Business Premium. 

How many widgets can be chosen inside Velocity?

Velocity supports all of the widgets listed in catalog. In order to maintain effective engagement with employees, it is important to choose the relevant widgets according to company culture. 

Is there any integration for Velocity with Microsoft Teams?

Yes, Velocity can be used within Microsoft Teams as a tab. Inside a Teams group, click add (+) button in tabs section and select “website” option. In pop-up pane, copy and paste the Velocity URL in your tenant. 

How could we integrate our calendar into relevant Velocity widget?

There is nothing to do on end-user side, Velocity automatically connect and sync personal calendar for users. 


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